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Ayurveda comes from Sanskrit meaning the “knowledge of life” compound of Ayu: meaning life and Veda meaning knowledge. Ayurveda adopts a complete and holistic approach taken by the Indian community towards life. The world oldest healing of body systems. Ayurveda sees life through 5 different elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth.

Ayurveda comprises of three major dosha or components: vata, pitta, and kapha—the state of our physical, mental, and emotional being.

The main keystone to Ayurveda is the balance. There will a dominant dosha, ideally, the three doshas coexist harmoniously combining with proper dietary guideline. Ayurveda followers believed any of the imbalance of the constituent will result in an illness.

Ayurvedic massage comprises of kneading tapping, squeezing in the combination of essential oil. Oil is used in the massage, together with bodywork and soft music. The incorporation of heated oil prepares the recipient to be in the oasis of relaxation. That makes Ayurveda, apart from the rest because it is anointing the skin with herbal oils itself is believed to have healing property.

The benefit of Ayurvedic massage;
• Cleanse and detox the overall body system
• Improve overall ability to sleep
• Rejuvenate physical, the emotional state of mind
• Improve the immune system
• Increase rejuvenation, vitality, and healing
• Overall promote healthy skin
• Increases blood circulation


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