Aromatherapy Massage In Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Another ancient massage practice of 4000 years of incorporating the use of essential oils therapy extracted from herbs and flower to stimulate the overall sensory aroma awareness.  A wide range of care and benefit of using aromatherapy massage is used as it has the ability to uplift, healing skin benefits the mood and transformed one into a relaxation mode.  The ability of stress reduction from work and also the search for mood-altering using the benefit of aromatherapy oil to relax.

There are a wide range of products of herbs that are made up from sage, lavender, rosemary, clove, roots, rose and lyang lyang. The main ingredient and properties of the aromatherapy oil product consist mainly of the jojoba and coconut oil and later the essential oil is added to the base oil.The age-old era of aromatherapy has the therapeutic ability to heal, elevate the effects of overall sensory awareness, increase blood circulation, hence it is able to alter mood from tense to a calming effect.

The benefits of using new age aromatherapy oil:

  • Decrease anxiety, calms the brains and nervous strains from the stress of the day, using the essential oil from rosewood, vanilla, and sandalwood
  • Mental health and awareness as the cortisol level is reduced whilst the serotonin and dopamine increase
  • A migraine is greatly reduced by the usage of lyang lyang and peppermint
  • Removal of toxin from the system by stimulation of the lymphatic drainage from using the lemongrass or any other hot therapeutic oil. It’s being used as a medicine acting as a back rub for physical pain, back pain or tummy rub for postnatal treatment. Lemongrass is not only used to treat pain or other minor discomforts, it is widely used in the traditional culture. Some culture, they eat the lemongrass incorporating it into food and drink menu.

Generally, massage help men and women relaxing their mind, work towards to improve self-care and help to ease sleep disorder.  There are many hotels that have a full body massage. Beside bath spa, some of them specialize in Thai or Swedish style. Most of the hotel in the city is complete with spa and beauty salon catering a full range of services offered.  The general guide, travel blog asides from looking at the sign of the massage centre will generally indicate the type of service offered.


Anyone suffering from any health conditions, it is advisable to inform the therapist so that assessment can be made.  It is best to check with a medical practitioner, get their opinion before one decides to embark on the journey of massage.


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