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The reason why men and women go to the beauty salon in this new age because the face is the facade of our soul. Throughout history, women will find ways to maintain their look by delaying the sign and process of aging.

In general, the well being of a person is reflected in their outlook hence there are two schools of thoughts.

The first, believe external and internal has to be aligned, through consumption of nutritional food. There are certain food groups that are believed to help to delay the process of aging and also to nourish the cells in the skin. Amongst them are collagen group of food, detoxification via consumption of high anti-oxidant properties mainly vitamin C. These product can be purchased from the shops selling nutrition.

The second promotes facial treatments and facial care services in additions of skincare products that involve cleansing, treat different skin conditions, toning, moisturizing the face. Cleansing is the initial process that involves oil based cleansing milk to remove the surface of the skin. Facial scrub would then be given to exfoliate the dead cells on the surface of the skin. The face is then cleanse using the facial foam or cleanser.

It is important to note that there are no concrete or fixed methods or regime to a facial because different methods cater to the different needs of every individual. Some center may promote the treatment via enzyme extract from natural food that may be coming from yeast or yogurt. There are also some that promote extract from the fruit extracts hence be prepare to find every facial is unique on their own.

At this stage, some therapist may proceed the extraction from the pores however in Western countries, most of the facial therapist in this part of the world are hesitant to extract clogged pores due to the possibilities of a lawsuit. If one goes to the major Asian countries, pores extraction is part of the package of a beauty salon.

Then some center may proceed with the second of either cold mask and the face is massage to stimulate the lymphatic drainage of the face. The massage is believed to promote blood circulation to the face and the final part would be the mask application whether it’s a mud mask or herbal mask depending on what is being promoted by the center.

The most common question is how often should one go to the facial center or do facials? Preferably every fortnightly or every 3 weeks to monthly. Facial done weekly would strip the moisture from the skin depending what package is being purchased and what they get in the package.  There are no best practices or time to embark on your facials.

Be ready to contact your facial therapist for free consultations so that the correct facial treatments are given because of there so many skin conditions including allergy reaction to the facial product.


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