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A facial spa is usually offered to compliment with the body massage.

Facial treatments are generally as follows;

  • Consultation with your aesthetician will be able to provide consultation based on your skin type and provide a solution
  • Preparation – once the agreed treatment have been decided your beauty advisor is going prepare your face for your facial treatments
  • Steps of Cleansing- the general is the removal of makeup using the eye makeup remover and follow with the general cleansing regime
  • Steaming – some centre may be performing steaming to open up the pores
  • Exfoliating – is done either with a special exfoliating machine or using natural exfoliate natural grains
  • The extraction process is where the white or black head is removed through extraction
  • Facial massage where your aesthetician will perform massage on your face
  • Facial Mask consists of mud or fruit extract to impart the best of the mineral or vitamins on the skin
  • Final application to the face consists of toner, serum, moisturizer or sunscreen if needed.

There are many packages of facial spa and it can be quite confusing for most, depending on what is being offered by the spa and resort. There are many variations depending on what is being offered by the skin care experts in your area. It may range from a hydrating spa, anti-aging facial, collagen facial and oxygen facial. Contact your aesthetician.


In this new modern age and time, men and women goes to facial spa to treat and get variety of facial treatments ranging mainly from anti aging treatment and they spent a whole day to pamper themselves


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