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In the sanctuary world of massage treatment, one has the option of choosing massage with or without the essential oil. The use of massage oil is one of the greatest gifts to the one’s skin. It enhances ones’s experience in body massage. In the western culture the essential oil is basically lyang lyang, lavender or rose whereas, in the south-east Asian region, the preferred oil is mainly ginger as ginger is famous for its healing property.

Most of the wellness center in Malaysia is an attraction to the majority of men and women as one is pampered with soothing view  or ambiance and calming music. As a part of the elaborate preparation, most of the hotel guest are ushered into a dimmed environment and a clean environment to relax first before beginning their session. Care is given to make one’s best experience special, new and get the patron to relax in their room. It’s a world of sensory stimulations and exhilaration and further escalated my tranquilizing music.

Depending on the types of products and signature of massage chosen, some have chosen body scrub or body wrap. The paste that is used for either can be made from mud mixture or herbal mixture. The goodness of the properties from the mineral extracts is believed to be relaxing. Similarly to the herbs mixture as to treat and further promote relaxation and rejuvenation.
There is also a specific massage that targets a specific part of the body depending on individual age and requirement. One can choose to do the exfoliation of the upper body or lower body or full body massage.
Upper body massage is focusing on the specific area such the neck, shoulder and the hand massage. The lower body massage generally focuses on the feet. Feet reflexology stems from the Chinese traditional practice which promotes blood circulations and it is widely believed to promote relaxation.
Specific massages also cater to the need of the female, in general, are such as breast massage, womb massage, slimming massage and also the postnatal massage. Some offer facial as well to complement their business. Here women are in their own world of luxury and pampering in a close-up salon. The promotional package offers ranges from 90 minutes to 2 hours from day package to cater for non peak hours. Generally, there are also oil based products available.



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