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The effect of Cleopatra that places a magnetic amulet on her head to promote the youthful look.  Throughout history magnet has been used to promote wound healing, treating orthopedic injuries and have been used to treat inflammations.

Currently, the two major skincare company, Lancer and Dr. Brandt are even promoting their own version of magnetic mask removable by using magnets.

The latest range of magnetic mask consists of metal particle mainly iron that is removable by using magnets leaving the skin glowing and to reduce the signs of aging.

How does it work is to slather a layer of the mask on to the skin and to wait for the goodness of the mask to be absorbed onto the skin.  Then a magnet is wrapped with a tissue or paper towel and then it glides over the skin.  The mask will peel off the skin leaving it so much smoother.

The act of removing the mask creates a microelectronic current that known to rejuvenate the skin, promotes anti-inflammation, hydrating and soothing the skin. Use it frequently it leaves behind peptides and antioxidant that firms up the skin beauty advisors.


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