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Ear Candling believed to originate from the Ancient Greek and later it was popularised by the Hopi Indian Tribe of the south-west of America. The Hopi is renowned for their healing medicinal practices. It is also called the thermal-auricular therapy.

The ear candle is a hollow cone that is made of fabric that consists of bee wax or paraffin. The subject is lying on the one side with the treated ear upwards. One of the other ends of the candle is placed in the ear. The candle is lighted at the other end, as the candle is burning, it created a suction that is able to remove any impurities from the ear canal into the hollow candle.

Normally this is done with the trained therapist who is trained to do the ear candling as this procedure is dangerous. To avoid the burnt candle from dripping onto the recipient, a thin layer of aluminum or paper is placed around the candle to prevent the wax from dripping on to the subject.

The procedure will take about an hour for both ears. The ear candling advocate believes the Chinese, Egyptian and North America are the origins of this practice. The Hopi community denies the practice comes from them.


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