Facial Treatment Essence In Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

The ultimate of all the beauty essential is focus towards achieving the crystal clear complexion and hydrating skin.

The main focus of treatment essence boils down to the four major component; lift and firm, hydrate, repair and the SOS (save our soul, in this case, save our skin).

Lift and firm are focusing on plumping, smoothing, lifting and firming.  The lift and firming are also segmented into a different combination of the end result and the treatment essence available in the Babor are in the form Ampoule Concentrate.

The concentrate booster is focusing on highly effective Tripeptides for firming of the skin and smoothing the skin line with skin-plumping hydrating.  It helps to plump up the skin with the production of its own collagen.

The Lifting and firming from Babor has the following ingredient aim towards improving the appearance of wrinkles and the reduction of fine lines on the skin leaving the skin looking youthful.

The Lifting and smoothing range aims at improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Secondly, the hydrating range focus on plumping and saturate the skin with intensive moisture, vitality and to achieve skin radiance.  Hydration deeply hydrates the skin leaving it all plump up. Dull and dry skin is revitalized.  Dull skin is in need of revitalizing and treatment essence helps to even out irregularities on the skin tone giving the skin radiant and luminous skin glow.

Thirdly, repairing the skin may come in the form of correcting the condition of the skin, perfecting it and rejuvenate the skin. How does treatment essence help to strengthen and protect your skin? Consult your beautician for the suitable treatments available. Some of the product is already packed with vitamins that help your skin to rejuvenate

Lastly, all beauty lovers have their own SOS treatment that they continue to go back to for their beauty emergencies. There are so many available treatments to purifying, refining, rejuvenation, increase resilience against the external factors from the environment. The ultimate is calming and balancing the skin condition for radiance.


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