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Body Massage or massages therapy revolves around ancient civilizations and ancient cultures. The first history of recorded massage practices dates back to China and Egypt. Every country has a different methodology of massage that is believed to have medical benefits.

The aim of massages is to relieve the pain, increase blood circulation to address muscle strains or purely for wellness.

The ancient tomb painting depicts the ancient healer’s medical practices around BC 2330: “The Tomb of Akmanthor” is also known as The Tomb of Physician

BC 722-481 in the Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor, The ancient Chinese, devoted more than 30 chapters describing the different methods using massage to cure different ailments.

As the world of massage evolves into modern days, body massage still encompasses the different ancient techniques giving rise to traditional massage, body treatment, oil massage, health massage and the art of candling.  Our body will tell us what is needed for its healing or rejuvenation process.

Choosing the right therapist is equally important for the mind, body, and soul.  Our loyal customers keep on coming back for more and we are their trusted wellness center.

There are many types of massages catering for individual and generally one only need to contact our therapists for a free consultation. We pride ourselves as the one-stop destination for spa and facial.  Come to us, reach us, as we are your trusted confidante on wellness. Your wellbeing is our existence.

Facial Treatments

Relaxing Facial -60 min

Hydrating Facial -75 min

Collagen Facial -90 min

Signature Facial - 100min

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We offered various massage types catering to individual need

Babor Intensive Facial Treatment

Babor-the world largest ampoules manufacturer,An amazing product from Archen,Germany This facial treatment come with Babor signature ampoules,which can restore your skin balance and radiance!

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Hot Stone Therapy, Ear Candling, Tummy Candling & Cupping

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